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We are now rescuing Weebly websites by migrating them to Webflow. Learn more!

Weebly is going away.
Boost your website by migrating to Webflow.

Weebly is being phased out. Get a stunning new website design and increase SEO by migrating to Webflow with our MigrationFx™ Package.
We're on a mission to rescue Weebly websites. If your business is running on Weebly, you are losing traffic due to Weebly's outdated platform.

Weebly is an outdated builder that is hurting your business.

Weebly has not received a single update since 2016, and the websites it generates are obsolete, suffering serious issues in SEO, performance, and security. Weebly is in end-of-life stage and will be phased out soon.

Weebly performs poorly in Search Engine Optimization PageSpeed, and traffic.

Weebly's outdated engine generates bloated front-end code with no asset optimization, resulting in poor website SEO and PageSpeed performance. This means fewer website visitors, fewer leads, and less revenue.

Weebly is reaching its end-of-life soon and will no longer be available.

Square has announced that they are deprecating the Weebly builder, and will be sunsetting it within the next few months. There is no way to transfer a Weebly website. As such, Weebly sites need to quickly find a new host. This is where we come in.  
A Full Risk-Free Website Migration + Website Redesign

MigrationFX: Our 3-Step Solution to Rescue Your Weebly Website

We migrate your Weebly site to Webflow, a modern superior no-code builder, and give your site a professional makeover.

Safe Migration to Webflow

First, we will migrate your entire Weebly website to Webflow. Migration can be dangerous, as a single mistake can cause your SEO to plummet. Fortunately, we use proprietary automated software to migrate websites with zero risk.
PageSpeed Boost
Average PageSpeed Improvement after migration

Full Website Redesign

After migration, our design team will completely revamp your existing website design in Webflow for a design that's build to generate more leads,  conversions, and brand trust. The result? A stunningly gorgeous site.
Conversions Boost
Measurable average increase in conversions

SEO & Optimizations

Webflow websites are superior to Weebly in every way. This, plus our optimizations, will significantly upgrade your digital presence. Your new website will look better, perform better, and grow your business to new heights.
Organic Traffic Boost
Average increase in search traffic 12. mo after
A Full Website Migration + Website Redesign

Get a Stunning Design With Powerful Performance

Our MigrationFx™ package rescues your Weebly website by first moving it to Webflow, and then giving it a stunning redesign.

Stunning New Website Design

After we migrate your entire website to Webflow, our team of award-winning designers will redesign your existing site design from the ground-up, giving you a purpose-driven design that is engineered to impress, convert, and boost sales.

Increase Traffic, Leads & Revenue

MigrationFx™ is the best way to give your digital presence a revamp. The move to Webflow, coupled with our redesign and optimizations, will boost your website traffic, increase your leads, and drive revenue. It's the best way to take your existing website to a whole new level.

Industry Leading SEO Performance

Websites built in Weebly suffer serious SEO and performance issues. We build websites with speed, performance, and search in mind. When we migrate and redesign your website, you'll see significant improvement in SEO, core web vitals, and PageSpeed.

Risk-Free Website Migration

Traditionally, migrating a website has been a dangerous endeavor. Our proprietary software and auditing processes allow us to migrate websites from Weebly to other platforms with zero risk to SEO.
A Full Website Migration + Website Redesign

And That's Not All

Your success is our success. We're here to ensure you get a strong return on your investment. That's why we offer:
Unlimited Revisions
We won't stop until your new site is perfect. Get endless minor revisions, both during Webflow development and 6 months after launch. Tweak to your heart's content, worry-free.
12 Months of Free Support
After we launch your new Webflow-powered website, you'll get 12 months of free support, and you can add more support if needed. During these 12 months, we monitor your site.
Dedicated Project Manager
Our project managers personally guide each client through their migration, serving as your single point of contact for the entire process. You will be updated every step of the way.
Beyond Just Aesthetics
At Luminar Digital, we integrate your Webflow site with powerful, GDPR-compliant analytics. Gain laser-sharp insights into how your site performs.
Optimization Focused
No slowpoke sites here. We craft performance-driven websites that win on Core Web Vitals and SEO, boosting conversions and engagement
Full-Spectrum Services
As a full-spectrum website design agency, we have a variety of additional services that you can add to your site, such as optional PPC management.
Migrate Your Weebly Website to Webflow

Webflow is a Superior No-Code Website Builder Platform

Weebly is a dying outdated platform. Webflow is the leader in the no-code space, powering both small businesses and Fortune 500 firms. Switch to the industry-standard.

Weebly is slow, outdated, and hurts both your website and business performance.

The core Weebly platform hasn't been updated since 2016, and is on its way out. Weebly websites today suffer from  slow loading speeds, security issues, and bugs.

Weebly is outdated and will soon be phased out.

Slow website loading speeds due to bloated code.

Bad for SEO due to heavy resource usage.

Blocked in several countries.

Lack of support and dedicated help resources.

Webflow is a next-gen builder that will boost your website, increase revenue & more.

Webflow is the leading next-generation website builder. As a no-code visual website builder like Weebly, it's used by both small businesses and Fortune 500 giants alike.

Extremely modern feature-rich platform.

Lightning fast website loading speeds.

Modern designer-made website designs.

Loved by Google, optimized for SEO.

Incredible community & award-winning support.

Migrating your website can be dangerous.
With Luminar, it is a risk-free process.

Migrating your website from one platform to the other carries big SEO risk if done incorrectly. But with our MigrationFx platform, the migration is seamless and risk-free.

Discover the benefits of our Weebly to Webflow MigrationFx program

Migration to Webflow + Website Redesign = Success

Increase Revenue and Grow Your Business with MigrationFx

Weebly is hurting your business. MigrationFx is our signature service through which we migrate your Weebly website to Webflow.

Weebly is an outdated platform that is hurting your business.

Weebly has not been updated since 2016. The website code that Weebly generates is bloated and horrible for search engine optimization.

Webflow, on the other hand, generates pristine clean code that search engines love. When we migrate your Weebly website to Webflow, and sprinkle our own optimizations, you will see significant increases in website traffic and SEO.

Seeking to migrate to a different website builder other than Webflow?

If you have a preference for a different website build that you would like our team to migrate your site to, simply let us know and we'll cater our service to your requirements. Our team has strong expertise in Shopify, Wordpress, Wix Studio, and other popular website builders.

If you're not sure which builder would fit your website best, please reach out and we can offer our recommendations.

Complimentary long-term help and support.

Like any product of engineering, websites require routine care and maintenance. After we're done building your site, we provide detailed instructions and guidance on how to take control of your Webflow website. We also provide 12 months of maintenance and support, and specifically six months of unlimited design revisions. If you need long-term maintenance with your site, we offer extended packages as well.
Free 12 months of maintenance & support
Free 6 months of unlimited design revisions
Free training on how to use Webflow
Add more maintenance if needed
“Revived our website.”
“WOW! This design rocks.”
“You guys saved us.”

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