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January 21, 2024

Weebly is Being Phased Out.

Weebly is one of the most popular no-code website builders on the market.

However, as of the past few months, we've begun to receive indicators that Weebly is approaching end of life.

In 2018, Square purchased Weebly. Unfortunately, rather than continuing to develop the Weebly Website Builder, Square decided to prioritize their own builder called Square Online.

Unfortunately, Square Online is an e-commerce only builder.

If your site is not an e-commerce website, then it is far from an ideal solution. It's also not backwards-compatible with existing Weebly websites.

Weebly is Entering End-Of-Life

We started seeing signs of Weebly's end-of-life back in 2020, when Weebly announced that they would no longer accept new app submissions in their App Store.

Since then, Square published an article in their help section that details

Weebly Has an Outdated Core Engine That Hasn't Been Updated Since 2016, and its Harming Your SEO

The core Weebly engine that "converts" the stuff you drag and drop into a live published website is woefully outdated.

It has not been updated since 2016.

As such, the websites that Weebly generates are extremely poor-performing in the areas of SEO, PageSpeed, Core Web Vitals, and other critical areas.

This is because the core web engine for Weebly generates extremely bloated and inefficient websites. Zero image optimization, heavy resource payload, poor LCP practices, and very bloated DOM code. Just inspect element any Weebly website to see.

If your website is currently on Weebly, then it is suffering from Weebly's inherent inefficiencies. This means less traffic, fewer leads, and ultimately less revenue.

Complete Lack of Customer Support

Weebly has also abandoned customer support for their website builder.

They stopped responding to customer inquiries on Twitter/X, and also no longer offer any meaningful in-person support.

Instead, all they offer is a chat.

Migrating Your Weebly Website Can Cause Your SEO To Plummet. But There's A Solution.

Given all of this information, it becomes clear that Weebly users must migrate their Weebly websites away from Weebly as soon as possible.

However, the question now is: how? 

Weebly does not offer any easy mechanism to transfer your website over to a different host.

Even worse, making a single mistake during the migration process can cause your SEO to plummet, forcing your website to lose the precious search engine ranking it had accumulated over the years.

This is why Luminar Digital initiated a new service called the Weebly to Webflow MigrationFx Package.

This is a multi-step package that our team applies to your Weebly website, and includes the following steps:

  1. First, we migrate your entire Weebly website to Webflow (a superior no-code platform that's here to stay) in a 100% risk-free way. We use a combination of automated proprietary software to validate every step, to ensure that there is zero risk in losing your SEO.
  2. Then, we implement a fresh redesign on your website. Our team of award-winning designers creates a beautiful new design for your website.
  3. Finally, we add technical on-page SEO optimizations to ensure your website sees an increase in SEO, and we hand you your new website.

MigrationFx is one of our best-performing packages, and the benefits are quite impressive: 

  • Significant increases in website traffic - The move to Webflow, coupled with our own on-page optimizations, yields a significant boost in SEO and organic search traffic.
  • Stunning new website design - Our team will craft a beautiful professional new website design for your site after the migration.
  • A reliable future - Webflow is the leading no-code builder in the industry and is here to stay.
  • Increase in conversions and revenue - Our redesign phase includes CRO (Conversions Rate Optimization) to design a website for you that truly converts.
  • Risk-free migration: No worrying about missing a link or getting a page ported improperly. Our team guarantees a risk-free migration approach due to our multi-layered validation process.

Learn More About MigrationFx and Talk to a Luminar Digital Strategist Today

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